Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hiking... oh wait

Yesterday morning, the pups and I decided to have a little adventure.
Well, really, I decided to take them on a little adventure.
So we piled up in the car and headed out to Mission Trails
in search of the "family friendly 1.7 mile circle trail."

But not before a pit stop at Petsmart for a portable dog bowl.
Which was actually really amusing because it was Baker's first time at the pet store.
He was SO excited.
I would've taken a picture but I kinda had my hands full.

So we went to the trails. Mind you, this was my first time there.
All I knew was "Cowles Mountain... and some other little trails out there"
but I had a map and we were headed to the Visitor's Center parking lot,
and the trail was "right there."

We ended up walking around looking for the trail for a half hour.
Do you think they could make it a BIT more obvious for those of us 'not-regulars'?

We went to the Visitor's Center and I asked for directions.
Yep, I was that person.
The man had this huge map and highlighted the thing like it was Christmas. Then told me to "look for the two posts. Right is down hill. Left is up hill." Ok... sure... no problem.
Actually, I have no idea what you're talking about, but ok.

Well, we never actually found the trail. Because by the time I picked a place to walk for a little bit, Emma decided she was done. And, like usual, Baker followed suit.

Needless to say, we didn't actually find the trail we were looking for.
At least, I don't think we did.

But we did drive the scenic route out, and we did find this.
I wish I could say we were hiking all hard core when these photos were taken.

But actually, we were just sitting in the car admiring God's artwork.
Seriously, divinely beautiful.

Oh well. It's not like I'm heartbroken. At all, really.
Next time I'll find it. :)

I do know the pups slept all day. Which is a good sign.
But man, I gotta work them up to longer trips.
Em and I are gonna do a 3K one day! It's on the bucket list :)

This morning, we're headed to the lake for Baker meets Frankie, part two. :)


  1. Haha! Next time you HAVE to call me! Not like we're doing anything ;-) Actually, that's not true, we should be closing on our house tomorrow and we'll practically be neighbors! YAY! <3

  2. I was thinking that when we were there. Let's do it! You can be the navigator :)