Sunday, October 31, 2010

Continuing the pumpkin carving tradition

Last night, we got together with our pumpkin carvers for a delightful night of church and Halloween-prep!

LOVE mark and katie :)

the finished products!

from left: J, me, Katie, Mark (they are the artists... we are the simplists) :)

It was so fun to carve pumpkins with you guys! Thanks for coming out to our town :)


  1. These are incredible!!!!
    How in the world did you do that cat?!?

    They're all great:)

  2. Thanks! :) I know - the cat is amazing. My friend did it! She had a stencil... I know, not the same :) so she taped it on the pumpkin and used that. Did you guys carve pumpkins this year? Trick or treating? :))

  3. wow, im so impressed with your pumpkins! For my brothers hallwoeen party he made 5 but they were just faces. I love the cat and wolf ones!!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway :) goodluck!