Thursday, September 23, 2010

I like the sound of Nashville...

I'm a blog stalker. I admit it. I follow complete strangers' thoughts, photos, twitters, and lives. And I talk about them like we're friends.

Like Layla. Layla's mom started a foundation, I'm so proud of her.

And Daisy. Prayers are working for this little girl, let me tell you.

And Matt. It's his wife's birthday today. Happy birthday Sarah! They just had a little boy with a congenital heart problem, so they are spending a lot of time in the hospital.

And Calee and Kristina. I totally get them. Cutest sisters ever. (not including my sister and I of course).

And Stephanie. 80% of her body was burned in a bad plane crash two years ago. But she keeps going!

 And Carly. Oh wait... I actually DO know her. She's the sister mentioned above. :)

And Jasmine. She seriously is one of the funniest and inspiring people I 'know'.

And Jasmine's twin sister, Bianca. Who just got married. To Matt. Who I follow also.

And lots of others... but I think this is enough for now.

Anyways... Bianca's blog today resonated with me.

She talks about praying before meals. Which I love, and we do. And how sometimes people give her the 'funny' look here in LA (or in my case, San Diego... although I honestly don't think people pay any attention most of the time). But she's in Nashville right now, and apparently, everyone prays before they eat there!

I think I wanna make a visit to Nashville.
To see what that type of community is like.

Although I'd be lying if I didn't say a huge perk would be the singers.
I love me some country.
After all, the Keith Urban concert was my first date with John. [at least, officially] :)

Happy Thursday!

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