Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome to the 20's, Sister!!

Today, my little sister turns 20!!!!!

In honor of a turn of a decade, 20 reasons I love her:
(although I must qualify this... I'd love you even if these things weren't true, sis!)

1. She's hilarious. Like, so funny. When she feels like it :)

2. She's thoughtful, encouraging, and considerate.
3. She blogs about me.
4. She takes a stand for what is right.
5. She's smart and works hard.
6. She has goals. At least, more goals than me :)
7. She sings - loudly - with me in the car.
8. She has perfect hair. She always has. Actually, mom and I get kinda jealous.

9. She teases me. Seriously, she's so good at it. I guess 20 years of experience gets you to that point.
10. She's the world's most loyal friend.
11. She loves my dogs (well, all dogs actually) and they love her.
12. She goes with the flow. And invites me to Padres games when she has an extra ticket.
13. She lets me take pictures of her. Lots of them.

14. She tries new things with me.
15. She's beautiful!!
16. She's world's strongest girl. Trust me. Don't get in a fight with her. You will lose.
17. She likes fun and unique things. She tries new things. And she helps me be brave.
18. She thinks I'm cool. Even though she doesn't always admit it. ;)

19. She never complains. Not that I would mind. But she just deals with the tough stuff. If Carly says her back kinda hurts, it's probably broken.
20. She loves Jesus.

My little sister is seriously the best.
I'd do anything for her.

She's my favorite girl, person named Carly, sister, and college student of all time.
She's my sister.
And it's her birthday.

Happy 20th birthday, Carly!!
I love you!

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