Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy birthday Manny!

Today is our pastor, neighbor, and friend's birthday!

Manny is such a gifted speaker and encourager.
His honesty is refreshing and because of his faithfulness,
we have almost outgrown our room at church.
The Young Married's Cafe is such a special ministry to be a part of.

And Manny and his beautiful wife, Jen, have been instrumental in creating that.
With the Lord's blessing, of course.

To celebrate today in YMC, we had a candle-lighting cupcake celebration and balloons

and Jen put together the cutest Manny-trivia game. 
Did you know they fell in love over ping pong? :)

Happy birthday to our favorite neighbor!

Hope you had a great morning with all us crazies,
and fun with the Chargers and with Jen! :)


  1. This is such an awesome blog Jordanna. I feel honored that u made a post about my birthday. Thanks so much I love it!!! Yall made me feel feel so loved and special! Thanks friend. GO ENFP' s Hahahaha ; )

  2. You're welcome... and YAY for Myers-Briggs :)