Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's party time!

Since my sister changed decades this year, we had some good ole fun after she and her roomie came home after school.

1st: Manis and pedis with Mom, Carly, Monica and me ;))

2nd: Outback Steakhouse with us + Steve, J, Grandma and Grandpa

As my mom says (one of my favorites):
"little presents throughout the day because you're special in every way!!"

Grandma and I somehow ended up with the hugest burgers ever :)

3rd: Mud pie, more presents, and kitty play time at home

 ah, we are sisters. mud pie is a family favorite :)

roomies :)

Steve was preparing to cut the mud pie :)

mom made carly a handmade gorgeous apron! it's sooooo cute. 
i didn't even know my mom did stuff like that!! you are so cool, mom.

kitty play time!
sophie being brave

simon in wrapping heaven

he's such a good sport

the fam!

4th: family co-birthday dinner with Caitlin at Aunt Sylvia's house!

Hope you had a great birthday, sis!
I love you so much and am so blessed to have you! 
Best sis and friend in the world.
My hero!!!

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