Monday, September 27, 2010

A bag of apples, please

May I recommend a fun fall activity? 

Armed with Starbucks, we headed up to the orchard Saturday morning with our friends,
Dwain and Jaclyn, to meet some YMC friends for some apple fun!


the apples.

Jorden and Jennifer

Ari and Daemey

Jeremiah and Kelsie

Dwain and Jaclyn

Hubby and me!

The girls

We found a tractor randomly in the middle of the orchard :)

 After a fun morning, we headed back for a gorgeous ride home... 

but not without a few stops.

10 minutes, 5 loaves, breakfast bars, and a cheese puff later...
(don't worry, we didn't eat it all at once!)

We continued down the road and found ourselves at the sweetest little cafe for lunch.

What a fun and festive fall activity.
I love doing new and exciting things.
This was a great adventure and it was so fun to share it with friends.

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