Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friend near or far

Ali and I have been friends since day one of college.
Well, and the summer before when we had phone dates to plan our room.
But that doesn't really count, because she thought I was an Indian surfer
and I thought she was a tiny blonde girl.

We were soooo far off!

Nerves were high until our first night together as roomies.
We stayed up late talking about life.
Me in my yellow bed, her in her purple bed.
I knew we would be great friends.

Four years later and roomies all the way,
we got married.
She moved across the country
and our friendship became twice-a-month phone dates
[the action part, not the heart part].

Time passed and seasons changed,
and she made it back to San Diego.
We got to be roomies again for a short while.
Most special summer ever.
And then our time together became once a month coffee dates
instead of the difficult time change phone call.

I love spending time with this girl
even more now than I did on day one.
Thank you, Ali, for being the kind of friend
who asks the hard questions,
who reminisces about what was and what is,
who takes me to random hole-in-the-wall places,
who celebrates the big and small things,
and who loves me no matter what.

I'm thankful to have the kind of friendship
that changes through the seasons and grows stronger over time.

Last week, we met up in her new hometown for a fun breakfast and shopping adventure.
(photo sparsity due to my dying camera battery that only cooperated when it wanted to)

Thanks for a fun date, friend. I love you!

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