Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celebrating the [not-so] little things

I met my grandma for coffee yesterday morning. We tried someplace new :)

Then Mom met us there after her day of patients fell apart. Which was super fun.

That's when I found out the big news.
It was so special to have my mom and grandma there when I found out.

We all chatted excitedly for a bit more.
Then we parted ways.
Well, I met Mom an hour later for some celebratory Scrubs shopping with my gift card!

Good thing she came! That is a stressful experience!
I'm thankful that my mom is a pro scrubs shopper.
One day I will be less intimidated and more like her :)

I had a great deal of success!

I'm so excited! Now I just need a place to wear them to. Like a job. :)

Mom and I had a fun afternoon together hanging out,
and I even got to teach her a little about some nursing stuff!
She asked me questions, and I knew the answers!
That is such a great feeling.
She encouraged me when she said:

"When I first started working as a dental hygienist, I was afraid people would ask me questions and I wouldn't know the answer. Six months later, I realized, people ask me questions and I know the answer! And look Jordy, I'm asking you questions and you know the answer! You can do it."

Thanks Mom!

Then Johnny and I had a fun evening of appetizers and mud pie at the Brig.
Except the one by our house is closed right now.
So J chauffeured (totally had to look up spelling on that one) me to to the Brig on Shelter in Point Loma. Which I'm pretty sure is my favorite place in San Diego, so I was pretty pleased. :)

We caught glimpses of the end of the sunset on our drive out.
Even blurry with head lights is be-au-ti-ful.

Then we enjoyed shrimp cocktail,

crab and shrimp fondue,

and mud pie.

Thanks for driving me across the city to satisfy my desire for amazing appetizers and mud pie, honey. And for the fun date. :)

We took a drive down the harbor before heading back and snapped a photo of us with the skyline. Except you can't really see the city at all. Oh well. It's there and it's pretty.

It was a great day of fun, family, and food. Perfect first day as an RN. :)

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