Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome home, Baker!

Our second little Terrier mix pup, Baker, came home to live with us on Wednesday. He was so sleepy and still under effects of anesthesia, since he had gotten neutered just that morning. Poor little guy was so out of it, but still smiled and wagged his tail.
We tried to put him on his bed, but he rolled off.
Once he began waking up, he started moving slowly and made it halfway between his and Emma's beds before he got tired.
Emma was really not sure what to think about him.
Then she got brave enough to sniff him. Their first interaction.
Learning how to go outside to go potty. Emma: "Mom, what is he?"
Since Wednesday, he has quickly become a part of the family and showed some of his personality. He likes the bathroom.
He likes his head scratched.
He looks like a sea otter when he stands.
Bear still watches him closely.
But they have started to play a little. And they lay together.
I love our little family of canines. :)
He's healthy and healing nicely, he lays at our feet, he follows us, and Emma, he's fairly potty trained, he eats when I feed him, and he is darn cute.
Welcome home Baker boy! You have already added so much joy to our family. I love you little one!

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