Saturday, March 20, 2010

The real graduation

Yesterday/Friday, John had his final day at Point Loma Nazarene University. He worked for 6.5 years in varying roles: student tech, student network systems programmer, network administrator, and most recently the university's network engineer.

What did he do while working there? In my best technology words, I'll try to show you.

He organizes all these cables. He knows what they all go to.
He did lots with macs. I think he brought these. And wireless internet. But I don't know what that looks like.
He changed the entire university's phone system from looking like this (behind the scenes):
to this! (the little blue square boxes... it is much simpler! Go Cisco VOIP).
He managed to get a computer like this (he taught me this is not two computers, but one with two monitors).
His sweet telephone - with me speed dialed. It pays to be the wife ;)
He ran this. This is the 'core router' and all the little cable plugs go to all the different places on campus, and he knows which one each goes to and what it does... etc.
He mentored these two, his own private student workers. ;) And they have learned so much! What great guys.
Point Loma has truly been such a blessing in so many ways, and the people J has worked with will always be so special to him, and me.

Paul, Corey, and John are the three musketeers, basically. They all worked together initially. Paul was John's preceptor, and Corey is now the manager at PLNU. What great friends. It's so neat that we've all kept in contact. We have dinners together periodically (Paul and Amy, Corey and Nicole, John and me, and the kids), and it's always so great to catch up.
They enjoyed breakfast together bright and early on Friday. Corey is John's very best buddy, and Paul is just the glue of the friendship. Seriously the funniest interactions happen between these guys.

Then the team went out to lunch.
And had an all-ITS get-together farewell party for him in the afternoon. John loves these guys, and they love him.
And he got this beautiful clock from the university. What a beautiful and generous gift. It is so special.
And a hug on paper from me when he got home, until I got home from clinical to give him a real one.
Farewell Point Loma. Thank you for taking care of my husband in his time there.
And honey, happy graduation... part two. :) Here's to the next big adventure.

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