Sunday, March 7, 2010

The best day ever

Since we go to church on Saturday nights (for now), Sundays are our day at home, just me and J. To hang out and do whatever. I have had clinical every Saturday since January (yesterday was my last!) so Sundays have been our only day together. After 6 days of nursing in a row, I decided to take the day off from homework, and J and I planned a lovely rainy Sunday at home.

It began with rain. Beautiful glorious light steady rain. Thank you God for answering my prayer - you saved me some rain for Sunday!

Coffee, donuts, and movie renting/buying. Fun side note - we passed Mom and Steve on their way home from church. J frantically waved out the window as we drove past them, and they followed us in the parking lot to give hugs and pick up our tab. ;) Thanks for the Starbucks guys! We visited adoption Sunday ... where we got Emma only 11 months ago. Always dangerous. Boy were we tempted. We resisted... for now. ;)

We danced with Michael Jackson and laughed (a bit hesitantly at times) to Couple's Retreat. Seriously, Michael was a genius. A talented bizarre genius.

We had nachos with our final avocado before our grocery store trip.

We followed up a Mexican lunch with what is becoming a little routine - rolled tacos and a trip to the grocery store. The $1.50 strawberries are by far my favorite thing there right now. And the girl scouts at the door (not tonight due to the rain, but usually).

We (I) cleaned the house a bit and did laundry, and J took care of his fishies.

And we hung out with the kids.

Why we need another dog - Emma needs a buddy. As much as Lu and Em are buddies, Em is not allowed to go near him, which I believe hinders their relationship a bit. So one day Emma will have a little friend to run in circles with. Maybe after she's trained. Ha.

Ah, Sunday, please don't end. But even so, thank you for today.

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