Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brief greetings

I've slacked a bit on blogging this week. It's been a bit crazy welcoming our little pup, Baker, into the family, John finishing working at PLNU, and with school getting extra crazy. But I wanted to pop in to say that I will get a few posts up as soon as I can!

I would right now but... my amazing husband is running errands for me... dog food, groceries, bank, and bringing me coffee ;). But the deal is that I study while he's gone. Beginning with writing this massive paper that I pretty much hate because it isn't nursing related at all. But that's ok. Positivity right?!

So, I'm gonna get to it. And my reward for accomplishing something of the crazy to-do list is blogging. I sure hope that comes soon.

To come - John's last day at PLNU, the hidden costs of having animals, and welcoming our little friend Baker home. And whatever other moments manage to squeeze in there. :)

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