Monday, March 29, 2010

Breakfast, coffee and desert in one

I had the pleasure of having coffee with my grandma this morning. We had coffee and breakfast, and then 'dessert' as she said. :) All in one.

My grandma always reminds me of the joy in life. I love spending time with her.

She also went with me to the dry cleaners, when we found out they were going to charge $45 to... not dry clean... stick it in their big washer. We both said, forget it. I will find my own large washer. :) And Grandma offered to clean it for me. She's always offering herself.

I got her on my "pray for a nursing job" prayer committee. I am excited. I am praying too. But when my Grandma prays, things happen. Watch out, world.

She's simply the best!!

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