Sunday, March 28, 2010

They love their auntie

I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone who loves animals as much as my sister.

She's not afraid. Of any animals. In fact, animals are drawn to her. We grew up with animals (many), and she was never shy to get down and dirty with them. She meets them where they are.

If she could, she would have a zoo of dogs in her house right now. She would adopt one every Sunday. I have no doubt one day she will. :)

Just related to our animals...
She convinced J and I to keep Luigi. She loved that little bird the moment she saw him.
She took care of our Emma bear week 2 of us getting her while we went on a trip we had already planned. Carly is still Emma's favorite person.
She actually asks about Aqua and Tic. No one asks about our fish. But Carly does. :)
She came to meet Baker at Petco and loved him. Then she came over to make sure he was settling in ok.

Yesterday, she came over to say hi (I like to think she came to see me and J. But I'm not sure). And Baker crawled right up in her arms and cuddled with her.

And Emma was right behind him. Literally.

Em and Bakes showed her how much they love each other.

They both love her.
We all do.

You're gonna be a great vet, sis. You're perfect for the job.

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