Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A stroll along the Pacific

Did I ever tell you about my Christmas present?
I didn't think so.
Remember the bike I wanted?
J got it for me! :) (thanks hun!)

I love it! My beautiful green bike. So how often have I ridden it? Not very many times. A few! But not too many. I look at it every day in my garage though and think, where am I going to go ride that beautiful bike?

Today was the day. My good friend and I rode our bikes around Fiesta Island and along the water. It was beautiful out (I thought - nice and cloudy, not too hot and not too cold). And we had the best time. Katie + anything = ten times better.

I'm thankful for my friend and fellow future nurse.
And I'm thankful for Spring Break, so I can finally hang out with her. :)

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