Monday, March 1, 2010

It's March already?

I have to say, March has never stood out much to me in the way of months. I guess because we never had any big family events in March. I wasn't done with school, and it meant the near end of the rainy season. But this year, I'm approaching March a bit differently.

As much as I love (I mean, love) the rain, I also can appreciate the green grass and blue skies after the rain. Much thanks to my husband for reminding me of that beauty. March brings many blue skies - I will try to appreciate each day of them :). And there will be many - possibly 30.

March marks the halfway point of semester 3 - proven by the end of OB (tomorrow!) and the beginning of pediatrics (today!).

March means five months until nursing graduation (whooo hoooo!).

And much sooner, Emma's obedience class graduation!! You can bet John and I will be there with our cameras and noise makers, cheering for our little girl. We are proud parents, even if she doesn't exactly 'stay' for a whole minute or weave around the poles perfectly. We love her anyway. ;)

March brings John's grandma's 85th birthday! It's fun to marry into a family with key birthdays in different months than my family. It adds to the fun of a new month.

The end of March brings the much anticipated and highly desired Spring Break. That is the one perk of still being in school.

Most importantly, March means more memories. And many more moments.

Beginning with Emma and my photo shoot. Thank you Grandma for the camera clicker. I know it's technically John's, but I have way too much fun with it! (Emma, on the other hand, is not exactly as amused as I am, but she puts up with my antics like a champ).

Happy March!

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