Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Emma McGovern: Beginning Obedience Certified

My little girl graduated from beginning obedience school on Tuesday. I am a proud mom. :) She did so well... she got "sit"... "heel" (sorta)... "stay" (sorta)... "down" (when she wants to)... "come" (although she gets realllllly excited)... and "stand" (seriously, stand?). She didn't win a prize (1st-4th place) out of 8, but we didn't expect one. The goal was to finish and she did and so we're really happy!

Us getting ready: me prepping Em, Em watching the scene. She knew it was a big night.

It was an intense scene. (Notice the doofy neufy... he got first place! Way to go buddy - I have a special place for the newfoundlands because of my own sweet Sammy).

Coaching. Go team 14!

The best we could do for a "backstage area."

This is the first part of the course.... the heel and sit. Notice the first time she sat, she turned all the way around to face the lady. Well gosh, what do you expect when you walk behind us!

They brought in an outside lady to do the judging - an "objective" person, they said. So I wasn't super interested in what she said. Because our instructors loved Emma. Listen to what they said about us to J! (they didn't know he was videotaping... so sneaky).

And she won a blue ribbon, score sheet, and certificate. We have to find a place to display it prominently for all to see. Or maybe that's setting her up for failure...?

Yay Emma! Hooray for no more Tuesday night classes! That was kinda stressful. Obedience school is a really good idea, but man it is sure not very fun. Now we're gonna try it all our way. We'll see how long her training lasts... :)

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  1. Dear, dear Emma, Grampsy J and Grammy K are so proud of you. You did a fine job and get the 1st place award for cutest! It's very clear that you "get" everything. You get a VWD, Emma girl.
    Love, G/J and G/K