Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank you Saturday

I have learned that in the field I'm going into, weekends are not a given. And so I cherish days that both J and I are off, because it really doesn't happen that often.

Since I finished my Saturday clinical for the semester last week, today was our first Saturday together in awhile. And we made the most of it.

- Waking up together
- An early lunch (we love them salad and breadsticks)
- Shopping for new clothes for J's new job! (ooo I can't wait to go scrub shopping in August)
- A blizzard (reeses is our compromise flavor :)
- Target (a day off is not complete without a Target trip)
- A nap... yes, me, a nap!
- A great church service (thank you Getty's)
- Chicken quesadillas (by hubby... nice work babe)
- Hanging in the bedroom - J playing guitar and me attempting homework
- Bedtime (coming very soon... I'm a grandma, like my friend)

I love days with J!

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