Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Telling the fam

After J's big news became official (within a period of about 24 hours... amazing how fast things happen sometimes!), we made plans to tell the fam.

I texted my mom something like "J and I wanted to drop by tonight around 7:30 after clinical, just to say hi." She wrote back, "ok." I knew she knew we weren't just "stopping by." ;) When we got there, we all laughed and shared what each thought the big news was. Pregnant? (not for a few years if we can help it) A new puppy? (one day hopefully not so far away) Moving? (not at this time) ... they were really excited and shared in our joy. He had already talked to his little sis (aka my little sis) to tell her, and she actually called while we visited. We speaker-phoned her. :)

On the same day, J called his parents on his way home from work and spilled the news. They were so excited and actually took us to a celebratory dinner after church. Thanks guys! We had so much fun! Oh and don't worry - Sam knows too. :)

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