Friday, January 8, 2010

A new home for 'Moments'

The short story: is now! And it has a new look!

We are still working out the little quirks, so the look may still be changing a bit, but for now you can access "Moments" at my website.

The long story:

So my husband is the coolest nerd ever (in all love) and bought me a website with my name in it after we got married.

I made fun of him for his own website for quite some time prior to me having my own website.

Then there was our wedding website (which was actually super cool).

I had a wedding consulting semi-website for awhile, and J had a couple websites he created.

The point is, I realized websites are a way of life for our family. And man does it help to have someone who can read and translate 'symbol.'

Anyway, he somehow redirected my blog to my website. You can now find my blog here at!

Thanks, honey!!

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