Friday, January 22, 2010

Curly hair... rain, and Emma

I've always wanted curly hair, like Jessi's hair. She can make the cutest crazy buns, or stick a barette in it, and it looks professionally done. Or straight hair, like Katie's. It curls perfectly and dries without the need for a blow dryer and straightener. But not wavy hair. I wanted it to be one or the other. I probably would have said the opposite if I had curly or straight hair. Oh well. I'm content.

Emma has wavy hair too. And she's content with that. Because she's cute. We tell her all the time.

Emma has hair like me. Wavy and kinda crazy, a bit rough and wild. I love it. And like me, hers gets a bit curly in the rain. Except, much more so than mine.

I love curly hair. And Emma. And the rain. So all three together delighted my heart.

She seriously melts my heart!

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