Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear John,

Thank you for my beautiful flowers from the flower shop on Tuesday. And for surprising me and coming home early before I had a chance to beautify for you. I love when you come home early.

I love my flowers. How did you know? They are beautiful on our counter and make me smile every time I look at them. Thank you for the little note you wrote with the flowers, too. You know I love the personal touches.

Thanks for the best anniversary, aka, "you're the best wife ever" card. I love being married to you. Thank you also for my yummy amazing truffles. Thanks for knowing I don't like nuts or coconut or any of those crazy things, and for getting me the best box of chocolate with none of the wierdness and all of the perfection that chocolate is meant to be.

And thanks for asking me to the Keith Urban concert years ago. Thanks for marrying me 2 years and 3 days ago. And thanks for sticking by me day after day. I love you for it all. And more.

Love, Jordanna

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