Thursday, January 21, 2010

So ... yeah

[disclaimer] I've got nothing profound today. Just some random thoughts. More a stream of consciousness kind of thing. I tried to think of what moment stuck out today. But then I realized, there were lots of moments today. So here's a glimpse into my chaos of thoughts and events that make up the moments.

It's raining. Gosh I love the rain. I sure wish it would have thundered all day. Although Emma didn't like the one big clap we got. But it only rained half the day. Oh well. I can't be picky. I'm in Sandy Eggo after all. So, God, thanks for the rain. And thanks for letting me be home in it. That was pretty lucky. I am in the coolest bible study ever with the neatest girls. I love it. I love them and I love Wednesdays because of it. Emma is driving me crazy. She won't go to the bathroom in the rain! Seriously. We stand out there for 20 minutes of wet rain and freezing wind. And she shakes her head. And picks up sticks. And eats them as fast as she can before I take them away. And runs from leash end to leash end while I look like a lunatic dog owner. Yah yah. I have control of my dog people. Don't worry about it. That's what I think when I get the looks from the neighbors. But seriously, she is so stinking cute. And her hair is curly in the rain. Especially her face. I love it. I thought I was done writing papers. But apparently not. I have an entire class this semester dedicated to discussions and writing papers and editing them. I got a whole degree in this stuff. But I guess I didn't write about nursing theories, so it doesn't count. Oh well. Good news is, I was semi-productive today. 3 study guides, 2 paper critiques, some organization, and bible stuff. And, I start clinical Saturday. Yah Saturday. Kinda a bummer. Oh well. It's only 7 weeks. "Postpartum obstetrics." AKA, moms after they have their babies. Should be fun. Although, I seriously doubt they are gonna want a nursing student taking an hour to do their brand new baby's assessment. Oh well. I'll get faster. I gotta come up with some good conversation starters. Is it wierd that I'm excited about the new OB NCLEX review book I got? I made eggs and toast today. I thought that was pretty domestic. And valentine pre-cut cookies. Yep. They're the best. And yes, I need to go to the grocery store. Poor little Gizmo got stuck outside in the rain today. J and I almost adopted him. Cute cat. Have I mentioned how much I love my husband? He is so cute. And gosh my sister makes me laugh. And my nursing friends when I get 21 "reply to all" emails in a row with one liner responses. Hey, at least I have mail. I'll take it.

Well, I guess I'm not that exciting after all. Oh well.
Happy almost Friday!

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