Friday, January 29, 2010

a not-so-favorite part of school

UPDATE: I emailed the lady who created the nursing theory, and she emailed back!! She's like famous. And, there is no other published research on my topic, which is what I was looking for. So, I am not crazy!

Well. The ultimate student claim.

I have to write a research paper.

Ugh. Seriously. I hate research papers. Not so much the writing part (although I don't love that) - I even got published once during my first degree conquest (aka, past life).

But the research. I can't find articles. I don't know what search terms to use. I don't even know where to start. So I spend hours wasting time, so it feels, looking for who knows what. I recognize this about myself. Which is why I am going into a profession that doesn't require me doing research, or writing. I thought.

Anyway, today I visited my alma mater to get some professional help in the library. Yes, I actually made an appointment with the librarian at the school I no longer go to. And she was, semi-helpful. Although, I got an alumni library card. How cool do I feel. :)

But then I got an email from her later today. She had "looked into" it a bit more for me and had a couple more suggestions. Regardless of whether that helped, I just thought it was cool that she took time to try to help.

I want to remember to take the time to help others. Even if it is my job. I want to go above and beyond my call of duty.

Now if only I didn't still need to find research.

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