Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to the USA, Mr. Flashlight

A few weeks back, I decided to bid on my first ebay item all on my own. I've bid on a couple things, but it always makes me nervous so John has to encourage me to click the "bid now" button.

This time though, I got brave. The $1.99 price tag with free shipping definitely helped. An LED flashlight keychain. In green. It was perfect. Now I would finally have a fully functional keychain that I could fend off intruders with. :)

And I would also be getting some mail. Which I love.

J asked me later that day if I had bid on a flashlight on ebay. I forgot he got the confirmation email. I smiled. He laughed. I told him how cool it was going to be. He laughed.

Three weeks later, it came. I thought it had gotten lost in the mail. But then I saw how far it had to travel.

All the way from Hong Kong, China to San Diego, California in the USA.

I had ordered an international item. And it came complete with a customs form. In a tiny brown envelope. Straight from the manufacturer.

We had ourselves a good laugh.

I turned it on. It worked the first three times. Now it works, oh, 40% of the time. So I figure, it will save me 1 out of 2 times. That's not bad.

It's the little things. Totally worth the $2.


  1. HAHAHHAA...I love this post. I love ebay.....Corey gets all the email when I bid on things too. LOL I just ordered some Iphone cases from Hong Kong too....just this past week. =)I mean you can't beat the price 1.99 and free shipping. You gotta love it. =)

  2. hahahaha!! That is awesome! This was my first customs form - I didn't even know what it was, and John was like, oh man you gotta save that customs envelope. I'll have to check out what else we can get from Hong Kong.