Saturday, January 16, 2010

My little helper

Today after clinical, I came home to find that John had stood in a long line at the post office to mail a package for me, so that I wouldn't have to do it. And then, he got me Yogurt Mill. Cappuccino and vanilla with chocolate chips. Maybe my favorite combination of things ever. Which I would have taken a picture of if I hadn't devoured it like I did.

It means so much when he does little [big!] things like that.

Thanks honey for being so thoughtful, and for running my errands for me. And thanks for thinking of me and remembering to take the coupon, and getting us yogurt for lunch.

Reason #1476 why I love John: He eats frozen yogurt for lunch with me.
Reason #1477 why I love John: He mails my packages for me.
Reason #1478 why I love John: He plays Mario with me until the cows come home. Or until I get too frustrated to continue. Which usually comes first.

I love you, J!

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