Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taken, with commentary

Have I mentioned how much I love my sister?

[short story] She was in town this weekend for Steve's birthday and spent the night at our house Saturday night. We watched a super scary movie, and she told me exactly what was going to happen before it happened (the only way I will watch a slightly nervewracking movie). We had a ton of fun together.

[long story] Saturday night we had a little get-together for Steve's birthday. Carly had bought a bluRay, accidentally. Well, J's new Christmas present led him to want the movie. He pulled $8 out of his wallet, I contributed my $1, and we purchased Taken. J and C were ready to watch it that night. They convinced me to watch it with them, on the condition that Carly would spend the night and tell me when any scary things would happen.

Well. She came through. She was exactly right every time. And so, I will trust her with my future viewing needs. :)

I seriously love spending time with my sister. The 3 of us have so much fun together. I'm so thankful for such a fun and spontaneous sister. And thankful that she likes to be with me. And J.

Love you, sis. Thanks for being my shoulder to shield my eyes when it got scary. I realize normally a husband might play this role, but my sister is the tougher one (love you honey) so I went for her this time around.

Ahh, fun times.

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  1. i love MY sister! im glad i was able to provide you with commentary! happy to help whenever! =) lets have another sleepover soon! love you!