Friday, January 29, 2010

Pizza and cider

Since we went out on Tuesday, we had a little post-anniversary dinner at home tonight. I am not so good at making dinner every night, so when I do, I try to make up for it by making something semi-homemade. Tonight was a random collection - pizza, caesar salad, pineapple, apple/grapefruit juice, and sparkling cider.

The next two are courtesy of my lovely and talented husband. I love how creative he is, and how it expresses itself in many little ways.

I also love that we drink sparkling cider out of wine glasses. Have we ever drank wine? A couple times when Ali lived here. But otherwise, these glasses get next to no use. Which is fine with me, since I'm not big into alcohol. I love that J is with me on this one. So, we sipped sparkling cider together. PS - I forgot you don't necessarily fill the glass to the brim. We could only drink half. :-)

Thanks for being my dinner buddy honey.

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