Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thankful for the Repairman

Today J and I took our cars to the shop for their check up. John was proud that his '97 camry was in tip top condition. My sweet explorer, however, needed a bit of tune up. They changed the transmission fluid and some cap to something, and heck if I can remember the name, or what it does.

It was rough to watch. When we picked up J's car, I saw mine in the shop, with the hood up and some boxes sitting on it. I said to J, oh it hurts to see it like that.

But it worked. And my beautiful blue car smiled at me as I hopped in it, feeling as good as new.

And I got to thinking.

God is our repairman. Sometimes (many times) I have to go to the shop. He prunes me so I can be more fruitful. And it's tough to go through. And to watch.

But He prunes us to be more fruitful. He is the vine. We are His branches. We can only bear fruit if we remain in Him. John 15.

It's tree trimming season. Winter. They just clipped all the leaves off the trees in our complex. Like, all of them. So I am seeing this first hand. And I know it is rough for those branches to feel bare and exposed. But in just a few months, they will be more beautiful than ever. I can see the bigger picture.

That is the cool thing about God. He knows what will be in a few months. He can see the biggest picture. That is why I trust Him to do the pruning. To be my Repairman.

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