Friday, June 4, 2010

Working their magic

Initiating. Organizing. Creating. Crafting. Decorating. Hosting. Partying. (in a good way).

It's all happening at my parents' house tomorrow. My sister is throwing her best friend a bridal shower (maid of honor duties :). Today I went over for a brief while to say hi and help. Me "helping" sorta looked like this...

Mom: "Jordy would you rather mix up the fruit dip or put ribbon around the flowers?"
J: "umm.. I can do both, mixing doesn't take that long. I'll do that first then the flowers."
taking 15 minutes to get everything in the bowl... turn on the mixer... it's not mixing well... a minute later...
Carly: "Jordanna it's coming out of the bowl!! It's a big glob, it's dripping!!!"
Mom: "Here I'll help you... do you use mixers?"
J: "No I don't like them, I mix by hand."
all: hahahaha....
J: "Guess I should stick to the flowers and stay out of the kitchen." ;)

I love my sister because she's good in the kitchen. Meticulous and perfect... slow and steady. And everything she makes is fabulous.
And I love my mom because she's clean in the kitchen. Efficient and proficient.

I tend to be more like my mom. Clean and efficient. And sometimes proficient. But I love my sister for being her.
And for making things that look like this. :)

That was a sidenote story... anyway...

Carly and Mom came up with some great ideas for cooking and decorating.

(I helped tie these cute little flowery treasures)

Mom planted the most beautiful flowers - she and Grandma inspire me to have a little garden. One day. And I will plant herbs. And then I will learn what to do with them. (another sidenote).

And the yard looked so pretty. Steve, you do such a good job out there. (One day I will have a yard. It will have trees and a beautiful grassy lawn and maybe even a pool). :)

And Sammy, just because he wanted a picture. :)

It will be beautiful tomorrow, Car. You have worked so hard and I'm so proud of you (and you M and you S). Have fun and drink some tea for me! Pinkies up :)

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