Sunday, June 13, 2010

From country to contemporary: Our second bedroom remodel

[sidenote: I just wrote that title in APA... gosh I've been in school for too long]

Well, after being a homeowner for 19 months, we remodeled a room.

Not like, we-knocked-out-the-walls-and-added-a-fireplace kind of remodel, but more of a repainted-and-got-new-furniture kind of remodel... which totally counts under the category of 'remodel' in my opinion.

This was it before. I really did love it. Especially the red and yellow colors, and my bed. And I love my husband for letting me paint and decorate it how I wanted.

But it was time for a change. Not that we didn't make a few changes along the way. :) But I am fond of change. I get bored with my environment rather easy, and I really love color, so my ideas combined with J's idea of a "totally modern and contemporary room" created a new masterpiece.

At least, we think it's a masterpiece.

Besides, I really like new furniture. And I needed a bigger space to do my homework. And J's desk was a little wobbly. I sadly said goodbye to my beautiful little bed and J to his desk, and we went to work. I like working on projects with my husband.

Baker helped. Until we started painting. Because he wanted to help a little too much. [Did I tell you he broke into the trash the day after this... the trash with blue paint rollers in it... and painted his paws... and our carpet? Oh. He did. But it's ok because he's cute and we love him.]

We were good little shoppers and came home to assemble desks and such by pictures. (if you haven't tried assembling Ikea furniture, make sure you put words to the pictures and make sure you're using the right parts... you know, just in case).

And somehow, it all came together! Minus some wall art (a wall isn't complete without wall art, which J is slowly learning) and a few other little things, it's pretty much there!

His and Hers.

and a filing cabinet (gosh we are such grownups that this thing is almost full) and a cute box to organize my wrapping supplies ... yay!!

Super fun and slick. "Modern" as J calls it.

Call it what you want, darling. :) It's different and I like that.

For now. Until I get stir crazy and want something different. :)


  1. Love what you've done with the place! :)

    Makes me wish we could paint our walls too!!

  2. Wow! It looks beautiful. You both get a VWD for that.