Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday festivities

To celebrate J's birthday this year, we had a lovely get-together at his parents' house with our families.

Aren't they cute? (the grandmas and my parents ;)

Emma was in heaven with all her favorite people in one room.

And J got fun presents! Gift cards, music software to go with a little piano, a CD, and a giant LoveSac that basically set the stage for our office remodel!!

Baker and Emma were quite the little helpers. So much so that I dressed Baker up with a bow.

Which didn't last very long...

And of course a few family photos :)

Photography courtesy of my lovely and talented sister

whom we love so dearly :)

For J's actual birthday, we were pretty low-key since we were traveling early the next morning for little bro's wedding :). We went out to old faithful and he got a CD, t-shirt, and little scrapbook.

And then we stayed up until 1:30am getting ready for the next morning...

Happy birthday Honey! I love you with all my heart and love celebrating YOU!

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