Monday, June 21, 2010

June in full swing

[sidenote: this post was meant to be written on june 1st, but, well, life has been a bit crazy. so here we are celebrating june on the first day of summer... 
happy 1st day of summer!]

I have never paid much attention to June. It was kind of the lull month to summer, with no special events, and I often left the beautiful city of San Diego for the summer. So sometimes it was kinda sad.

Until I met my husband.

John loves June. Since I have known him, he smiles brighter on June 1st. And throughout the month, I will hear comments out of his mouth such as "ahh, June gloom" ... or ... "that shouldn't have happened, it's June" ... or ... "it's the most beautiful month of the year." At least once a week.

And I love that. And I have come to recognize a few special things about June, thanks to J.

- June brings gloom. It's true. I never really paid attention. But over half of the days so far this year have been gloomy! I love that.
- June brings summer. And surprisingly, and contrarily, I almost like it. I like the clear sunny skies without the dead heat. And June has had some lovely days.
- June brings my husband's 25th birthday!!
- June brings many other events in my married family: my father-in-law's birthday, my in-laws' anniversary, and this year my brother-in-law's wedding.
- This year, June brings nearness to the end of nursing school.
- June brings the first days out by the pool (not for me though. i haven't visited the pool or beach all year. but august, look out.)
- June brings the longest day of the year. I love daylight!!

June is actually pretty cool. :)

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