Friday, June 25, 2010

In loving memory

Today, a special family said goodbye to a very special lady.

Pat was my resident director (RD) during my junior year of college when I was an RA. She was a woman of strength, love, compassion, and hope. And she loved Jesus with all her heart.

Pat suffered over the past year from a relapse of breast cancer that metastasized. She fought a long and hard battle, with her amazing husband, Howard, alongside her. Her two daughters, Sara and Amy, went to be with her last Sunday - just in time. She chose to go on Hospice on Monday.

Pat showed so many what it means to have hope in the midst of difficult times. She was an inspiration to me, along with her family. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to gain wisdom and insight from her.

Pat has been in good spirits during this entire battle. She has always been full of laughter and life. We had so much fun with her as RAs. Her joyful and genuine spirit was infectious.

You are so missed Pat.

But how amazing that you got to meet Jesus today.

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