Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The flag still stands for freedom

I'm not a politician.
I definitely have no interest in being senator or anything.
I don't like the "down talking" candidates to "up talk" others.
I like playing fair.

Regardless, something about voting has always made my heart swell with pride to be an American.

I remember the first time I got to vote. I voted for the president of the USA (love ya George W).
I was so excited. I finally was going to get to exercise my American right.
And get a sticker.

I've voted quite a few times since then. And it means more to me each time.

I am so thankful to live in a nation that believes in its people enough to let us decide who will lead us. Whether or not I like the candidates, I like the fact that I get to have my voice heard. And not just me. Any American who chooses to make their voice heard. And those that don't... stop complaining.

I love standing for truth (as best as possible) via a few bubbles on a ballot.
I love the fact that I am one of thousands... (millions?) who voted today. That whole being a part of something bigger than me thing.

And I have to be there. At the polls. In the morning. On voting day.
To show my practice ballot, or guide, or whatever it's called.
And sign my name.
Get my marker.
And my ballot.
And go into my little booth.
Fill in the bubbles of those I believe are best suited for the job, of the options.
Hand it in.
Watch it get dropped into the bin. With all the others.
Chat with the old people who run the place out of their garage. Bless their hearts. 
Get my little strip of paper receipt.
And my sticker.
(really, the sticker is a major motivator)
And continue through my day wearing my sticker proud, reminding others to do the same, and standing for freedom.

I love doing this on my own.
But man, it is so much funner with my buddy.

My husband is not so into the whole 'voting on the day' thing.
He's one of those absentee-rs.
We had this discussion long ago... and do again before every voting day.
He tries to convince me to be absentee, and I convince him it's more fun to vote on the day.

So we research our candidates together.
He fills out his ballot, and seals it. I fill out my little voter guide.
But instead of mailing it in, he hand delivers it with me every voting day.
He waits for me with a smile with his ballot delivered while I stand in line to get mine.

And in return for him coming with me, I make sure he gets a sticker.
Because really, the sticker is the sprinkles on the ice cream cone.
And since he isn't quite as attached to the sticker as me (evidenced by the forgetfulness to wear it throughout the day...), I took him to Starbucks.

This morning, there was no line.
We got coffee after.
He told me he liked going in the morning with me.
I think I'm winning :-)

He'll probably stay absentee. And I'll continue to vote the morning of. But regardless, we'll go together. Turn them in together. Get our stickers together. And high five each other for a job well done.
Thanks hun, for voting with me.
And thanks for voting. 

America, you make me crazy sometimes, but I love you.
And I'm proud to be an American.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I love following politics, love researching the candidates/propositions, and love debating. Voting just isn't the same if you don't go down to the polls. Given that so many people have fought for my right to do that, I feel obligated to honor that sacrifice by going in person.