Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday moments

- last day of clinical at the community center (jose and i learned that nursing comes in all shapes and sizes... as in random jobs..)

- homemade chocolate chip cookies
- cinnamon toast crunch
- free lunch (thanks Jose!)
- free lotion and soaps that foam (just for you hun)
- $3 shoes
- new shampoo
- sending my application for my RN license
- pet shelter stamps (I'm much more likely to send mail when I have cute stamps)
- coming home to happy pups... and pieces of books everywhere (oh children)
- a night with j!! (those are rare these days)
- flowers

- starbucks date with my honey (loved our convo babe)

7 hours from now marks the start of the never ending Thursday... bible study... then Friday!

3-4 day work weeks are much more manageable.
A perk of the new career field.

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