Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Friday,

Thank you for being so perfect.

You brought:
some wisdom from my Lord
shopping with my sister
academic encouragement
Katie to el cajon
free starbucks (thanks C, and Jess for the peppermint trick ;)
a hair cut and visit with my friend
J home for lunch
happy pups with no new messes while I was away
a visit with the fam - and some good bow tying
a walk to dinner with J - thanks for walking hun! we are so hip
wonderful neighbors to chat with
great time with my best friend, Hubby
a bit of time to blog

You bring:
the next two days, collectively called 'the weekend'
wedding bells
muffins with the ladies
maybe more blogging :)
a clean house...?
and of course, some homework... but only 8 more weeks of it

Thank you, Friday, for being so good to me.

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