Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moments past

Since it's not looking like I'm gonna get an entry in for each moment, I thought I'd share a few collective ones over the past month or two.

1. Sam and Valinda graduated from college! So proud of them and excited for their wedding in 2 weeks!

which reminded me of my and John's graduation not so long ago. Special times.

2. Coffee with my sweet MIL and pups

3. Operation Outstretched Arms - our church did this really cool ministry to collect bags of necessities for those affected by the Mexico earthquake. I love how what seems like "just one bag" turns into "quite a lot of bags" when everyone pulls together.

4. Sister lunch at the best little sub shop. We have to go back there C!

5. My flowers got even more beautiful.

6. Luigi can fly. He flew into the kitchen and landed here. Time to clip his wings :) as cute as he is. (we got him a new cage! coming soon).

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