Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend delights

This weekend was a good weekend.

I made breakfast Saturday
and homemade cinnamon rolls Sunday

We lounged

We went to church

and YMC

We had a super fun dinner date (with hilarious marketing) and grocery shopping

We had chili and baked potatoes and watched the Chargers dominate with some YMC friends

I met Ali for coffee (check out Coffee Bean's specials this Tuesday!)

I talked to Mom and Steve and Grandma via el telefono :)

Did laundry

Cleaned (mostly)

Ironed my new scrubs to wear tomorrow for the first time (and hubby's work clothes :)

And am now ready for my first work week in three years... (I'm not counting clinical since I didn't get paid). 

If you think of it, send a prayer my way this week! Thanks!

And honey, thanks for being my buddy. I love you.


  1. Sounds like one super (and yummy) weekend:)))
    It's neat to see what you were doing while I lived out my weekend. Isn't life funny? We all have days and we're doing them together - just worlds/countries apart!)

    Hope your week is a happy (and yet again- yummy:) one!!!!

  2. Our prayers are with you, especially today. Love you.