Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving meets Christmas

 Friday afternoon, we enjoyed a relaxing Thanksgiving feast and Christmas decorating with my family.

Sweet Casey girl

Sammy boy

the three of us :)

It was turkey cutting time. Can you tell? :)

and what a beautiful turkey it was!

dinner time! mmmmmmmm.

mom and me decorating for Christmas (well, she was decorating, I was watching :)

LOVE the fire in the fireplace

these two were quite the helpers...

 Carly chowed on pie

while I helped Mom put Christmas lights on.
this is how it has been since I can remember.
i untangle the lights. Mom puts them on the tree. (not that she likes it. but she does it.)
this year, we bought new lights, so untangling really meant take-lights-out-of-package-and-straighten.

Thanks for the yummy meal and special memories, family. I love you.

Can't wait for Christmas to come to my house next week!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Love this!!!!
    Ok....the dog eyeing the pie- PRICELESS! That has to win some competition somewhere!

    I thought your mom was your sister!!!
    You guys are so sweet!

    Love your tradition....it looks like you make wonderful memories together:0