Sunday, November 14, 2010

I love...

How cute are these bowls? I would like one of each please :) 
[or these... except they aren't on sale and I'm sorta a sale shopper...
although they only have 2 of 4 online, but they sure have a lot in the store!]

and this perfume. mmmmm.

Ah... so many fun things in this store! I could stay forever... if I had a million dollars. 
Ah well, it's fun to dream :)


  1. I would love it too...if we had them here:(
    I would like to come shopping......

    (I was wondering if you could email me your "real" address? I decided to do a Pay-it-Forward enough people to fill my year:) And you were on the list! My email is
    (Even if the PayitForward part isn't something you can do right now- I would still love to send you something:)))

    Hope you are having a wonder-full day....even if it is only window shopping:)

  2. I just sent my address to you! :) You are so thoughtful. And I would LOVE for you to come shopping! If you ever take a trip to the US/California - let me know! :)