Friday, November 19, 2010

Hip... we're not so hip

Have I mentioned I love my mom?

We try to have fun coffee dates every week or every other week.
It's a bit tricky with this whole full time work thing for us both.
Work is overrated. [not the people. the idea of 'going to work']

One of our last coffee dates, we ventured off into a new fun part of town to try a new coffee shop.

It was definitely hip.

We felt rather cool and edgy :)

Then we found this super cute little coffee/desert shop on our way back to the car...
and decided it was more our kind of place. We aren't quite as hip as we thought :)
Next time we'll go here!

I love being with my mom. I can't wait to see her again. It feels like it's been forever!


  1. How funny! Heaven-Sent Desserts made the cake for our wedding. They did an awesome job. It was actually cheesecake: plain with a Chocolate Ganache topping. If they have it in the dessert case, you should definitely try it! It was amazing.

  2. That is the coffee shop that runs the coffee carts at Grossmont Hospital. The owner is a super sweet girl.

  3. Alana - so funny! Their [cheese] cakes looked amazing. I'll have to go back and try that one!!
    Lindsey - no way!! It's a super cute coffee shop. It's not warm and fuzzy, but it's definitely cool and snazzy :) And the people working there were really nice.