Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful times 25

In honor of Thanksgiving one week from today on November 25th,
25 things I am thankful for this week:

J making dinner
emma and baker
a reorganized desk
luigi on dad's head
a warm and safe home
a husband who loves me
a Christmas project completed

two pillows at night - currently
hot chocolate with extra marshmallows
a sweet hubby to take care of me when i'm sick
three thoughtful messages from friends and my sister today
my uniform - definitely one of the top five reasons I became a nurse

a job, RN experience, a sweet patient and family, and a second income
empty cans to recycle, and the fact that we haven't mistakenly thrown them away
the fact that i'm working the next two weekends... because it means i have a job
a cell phone that shares information with me and provides me a safety net
sissy's coming home tomorrow for a whole week

a brand new humongo pack of colored sharpies
my three hole punch and being organized

two cars that are fixed and running well
the last bit of cookie dough ice cream
my angels working to protect me
my Christmas address labels
a family i love to be with

Happy Thursday!


  1. What an incredible list!!!!
    Love it:)

    So who gets the last bit of Cookie Dough Ice Cream?;)