Friday, November 5, 2010

Nurses unite

Last weekend, my friend from nursing school, Polina, invited our nursing class to her home for lunch. Not everyone could come, but it was so good to connect with those that could. Even Professor Owen came! Polina is a fantastic chef and made us more food than we knew what to do with. She's also eight months pregnant (as is Maria!) and is preparing to be a mommy!

My nursing friends are unique. We all shared 15 months of our lives together. The chaos of 14 hour days many days every week caused us all to depend on each other in a new way. We lived life together. So much happened in those 15 months. Joy went through her last months of pregnancy and had a baby. Many relationships ended. Katie and Mahea got engaged, and Katie got married. Some got large scholarships. We got pinned. We took pictures. We had parties. We cried, we yelled, we walked, we laughed, we ate... and ate and ate. We celebrated together. We did project after project, clinical after clinical, paper after paper, presentation after presentation, together. We knew each others' families. We went to kids' birthday parties and to Sabbath dinners. We all looked out for each other, no matter what. We were [and are] a team. Cohort 10... Whoop whoop!

Now, some have moved away.... some [a couple] have gotten jobs... and we don't get to see each other like we used to. Life just gets busy.

I miss the odd sense of support that came from this group. It's weird to be starting a new job without them. How do I be a nurse without them??

Thank you, friends, for the special memories. As much as it was 15 months of awfulness and torture, it was 15 months I will never forget.

[this is from our last week of school]

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  1. Thanks for posting pics! Everyone looks great... wish I could have been there.