Saturday, November 13, 2010

So ... yeah

I'm kinda struggling. I don't know what to blog. I'm lacking creative inspiration and also motivation. And it's frustrating! I want to be cute and creative, inspiring and funny... but sometimes, it just doesn't work. I think it's when I try too hard. Not that I'm trying too hard, really. But when I think about what to write, then I can't come up with anything. This is why journaling never worked for me. Oh well.

The other thing that has kept my mind and body incredibly busy this week is work. It was my first week of work. It's quite a new experience for me, but I am so thankful for a nursing job and believe that this is where the Lord has me for now. And so, I am content in that. At least, trying to be. But working is hard work. Most people know that already. But I forgot about the mental exhaustion that goes with figuring things out for the first time, trying to remember all new information, chart everything. Starting a new job is kinda overwhelming. Anyway, I'm enjoying my few days off before I begin an eight-day work cycle, bringing me right up to Thanksgiving, before three days off and then right back at it. Hard work I tell ya. But I'm not complaining. There are so many people who don't have jobs and I am blessed to be one of the ones that does.

This weekend has been so nice. Well, besides the fact I got sick this week. I know, right?! Right when I have to start working. [please pray I get better by Tuesday!!] But let me just say, my hubby has been amazingly sweet. The sweetest hugs, tucking me in, and lots and lots of love. I love him. I love being married. I mean, don't get me wrong. Marriage is hard work! But then there are really good days, and I know it is so worth it. :) I went to bed at 7:30 Thursday night, in time for my 4:15am wakeup call (early work!). And yesterday, in bed close to that. This is verrrrry early for me. But I'm realizing how fun it is to have J tuck me in. Like I'm five again when Mom tucked me in and said prayers every night (oh wait, I was 15.. :). Anyway. Today I'm thankful for marriage.

We went to this hip little place called Wine Steals tonight to celebrate J's friend's birthday. Man that place is hip! I did not feel cool enough to be there - sipping my water, trying to identify the pretty little cheese squares, grabbing squares of pizza and literally climbing into my chair because people were standing against it. So graceful. Right as we're meeting this really neat couple. Brie, of the fun new couple, is going to school to be a marriage and family therapist! I think that is such a cool job. So that was fun.

Tomorrow we have snack for YMC. I've been creative a couple times. But I couldn't do it today, so tomorrow, everyone is getting donuts. Hopefully no one will mind too much :).

Well, it's bed time for me. "whew" you say. I know, blah blah blah :). I hope this finds you well. Are you up to anything fun this weekend?


  1. I know the feeling of "bloglessness"
    Take your camera nad go for a will be amazed at the opportunity for coming up with words:))))
    And if nothing least you have pictures;))

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!!
    Get some more rest...that never is a bad thing:)))

  2. Jordanna, I completely relate! I may not have just started a new job, but it has been a busy, hectic month leaving me with little room to think of beautiful new blog posts. I hope your job is going well! Let it be a daily reminder of God's faithfulness in providing for us. I find myself complaining about the stress of grad school so many times (not that you are complaining!), only to be reminded of its beauty and how blessed I am to have the opportunity to learn. Still, I could use some extra sleep now and then.

    But, I will say that I am a teeny bit jealous that you are all done with school :)