Monday, November 22, 2010

Do you like Keith Urban?

Today, I am thankful for my husband.

I'm thankful that he was brave enough to come to my dorm room 
and ask me to the Keith Urban concert five years ago yesterday.
I'm thankful he stayed and helped me study that night.
I'm thankful that he was patient and waited while I took a day to "check my schedule..." aka ask my roomie.
I'm thankful he called me exactly when I told him to, so I could say 'yes.'
I'm thankful he stuck by me every day for the last five years.
I'm thankful he asked me to marry him.
I'm thankful for his love, his laugh, his wisdom, his conversation, his hugs, his faith, his trust, and his promise.

I love you honey. And I can't wait for the next five years we get to spend together.

Here's a quick peek into a few of my favorites over the years, starting with our first photo.

Love you, handsome! 
Thanks for choosing me.


  1. ooohh! What awesome photos!!!!!!!!
    I love this kind of stuff....(and I am in love with Keith Urban too...but I guess not because it was my first date or anything. I just do!;)) made an incredibly beautiful bride- and you both have amazing smiles!
    PERFECT couple:))
    Makes me a wee bit jealous...

  2. And we are thankful and blessed by both of you. Like a pebble in the proverbial pond, the day he asked, and the day you said "yes" began a new path that has brought joy to many people, and continues to do so. May it always bring joy to you both.