Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beach, gellato, antiques, and friends

Today, I took a study break to spend the day with my friends. Today was girls day.

Brie, Ali, Jessi, and me. College friends. Roommates. RAs. Life pals. Our paths have gone in four different directions, and yet we've stayed connected. Marriages and break-ups, new jobs, new degrees, new cities. We've grown, we've changed, we've cried and laughed, and we've learned. About life, love, faith, and friends. We've had hard times, and we've walked alongside each other through it all.

Brie, is leaving for the next big adventure on a Virginia farm this week, and we couldn't let her go without a final hurrah.

Jess drove us up, and we enjoyed a lovely chat (both ways) and gallivanted around Newport a bit before meeting up with Brie.

What would it be like to live here? Seriously.

Then we met up with Brie and headed up to the cutest little cafe ever for lunch. Ali met us there and we enjoyed a delicious meal and conversation. Then we walked around the most quaint little town of shops and cuteness.

I love these girls.

It was the perfect day with special friends. B, I am so proud of you and so excited for these next months for you. I can't wait to see how you are impacted by this next adventure. I love you. And you A. And you Jess.

Every girl needs good girl friends.

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