Monday, May 17, 2010

Pause for Pinning

Two weeks ago, I, together with my nursing friends, got pinned.

The nursing pinning ceremony is rooted in tradition. It is a special time for new graduate nurses to be pinned with a pin from their nursing school by a faculty member, to light candles, and to recite the Nightingale pledge. [these things I learned recently]. Not all schools do it, so I was fortunate that APU did.

I was so humbled to receive the faculty award.

I am so blessed to have such amazing nursing friends. I couldn't do it without them. (somehow I only got a couple pictures with friends... everyone scooted out after the ceremony :) )

And a great faculty

And the best family in the world

Thank you family, for being there to celebrate such a special day with me. It meant so much to have each of you there. J. Mom. Steve. Carly. Grandma. John. Kris. I love you all!

And now, excuse me for the next few weeks while I finish the degree we just celebrated achieving... :)

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