Friday, May 28, 2010

Desiring Wisdom

I'm usually not one to pray prayers written by someone else (not because there's anything wrong with them, but because it doesn't seem genuine for me), but this particular prayer by Carole Mayhall that I read in the book we've been going though in bible study caught my eye these past few days. Because I can honestly pray this.

Lord, open my eyes.
So much of what I read in your word speaks of the importance of hearing.
Wisdom demands it;
Righteousness requires it;
Understanding necessitates it.
I see so much of selective hearing.
Am I a selective listener?
Do I only hear what I want to?
Oh Father!
You know I long to be wise; understanding; discerning.
Teach me to hear from people, experiences, expressions, tones of life...
With an openness of mind,
a totality of heart,
and an abandonment of my own preconceived ideas.
Help me to learn.
Teach me to open my eyes and really hear.

So often, we 'desire to be wise.' And there's a checklist of things to do in order to 'be wise.'
At least, it looks that way.
And that bothers me.
That attaining wisdom would be something I think I can accomplish. On my own.

When really, Wisdom just IS.
And when I spend time with Jesus,
chatting and listening to what he has to say,
I think maybe he says, 'this is what it's about, my child. You and me, spending time together. Let me teach you how to BE.'

It is less about doing, and more about being.
Those that I think are wise aren't those that walk around in a circle of perfection and great choices.
Those that I think are wise are those that just ARE. Wisdom is a part of their character. Like it is a part of God's character.
And if wisdom is God's character, I can't have wisdom without God and his character.

So God, please allow your character to come alive in me. 
Bit by bit. Day by day.
And teach me to BE.
And thank you for being patient with me, as I learn things again. And again.

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